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Hand Roll Day!!

(Tuesday 5pm - 9:30pm)

Dine-in Only, No Substitutions

$1.30 Add Soy paper


California                    Salmon Skin

Spicy Tuna                  Cucumber

Spicy Salmon             Philadelphia

Spicy Scallop              Shrimp Tempura

Spicy Albacore           Veggie

Spicy Crab

Happy Hour!!

Everyday 5pm-6pm

Dine-in Only, No Substitutions

$1.30 Add Soy paper


Small Hot Sake    6.00

Draft Beer    5.00

House Chard     6.00

House Merlot     6.00

Appetizers   5.00

Seafood Spring Rolls    2pcs

Baked Mussels    2pcs

Hot Bombs    2pcs

Calamari Rings   4pcs

Shrimp Purses   3pcs

Veggie Gyoza   4pcs

Cut Rolls

California     7.50

Crunch      12.50

Amber      15.95

Rainbow   13.95

Hand Rolls

Shrimp Tempura     6.50

Salmon Skin     5.50

Spicy Crab    5.50

Veggie    4.95

California     5.95

Spicy Tuna     6.50

Spicy Albacore     6.50

Party Trays

No Substitutions, Party trays are Take-out Only

Party Tray A (Total 52pcs)  $190

Albacore Sushi     10pcs

Yellowtail Sushi      6pcs

Salmon Sushi       10pcs

Tuna Sushi              6pcs

Japanese Snapper Sushi  10pcs

Shrimp Sushi        10pcs

Party Tray B (Total 60pcs)  $170

Tuna Sushi              6pcs

Albacore Sushi       8pcs

Salmon Sushi         6pcs

Shrimp Sushi          6pcs

Japanese Snapper Sushi  6pcs

Yellowtail Sushi      6pcs

Spicy Tuna Rolls   24pcs

Party Tray C (Total 62pcs)  $135

Rainbow Roll

Dragon Roll

Mexican Roll

Crunch Roll

Cowboy Roll

Spider Roll

Baja California Roll

Golden Lantern Roll

Party Tray D (Total 50pcs)   $120

Tuna Sushi            4pcs

Shrimp Sushi        6pcs

Salmon Sushi       6pcs

Japanese Snapper Sushi  6pcs

Albacore Sushi     4pcs

California Rolls   24pcs

Party Tray E (Total 64pcs)   $70

All California Rolls

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